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Champion Australia


Will is a multiple BEST in SHOW winner

his progeny will start showing late 2021


Once leaving his breeders Monarch had quite a journey ahead of him. We knew travelling to Australia with a 180 day wait would be a long time but be never envisaged the extent of his adventures along the way. His first stop (after a false start leaving) was with Jouni Heikkinen in Finland, a short few weeks pitstop and respite on the long journey where he had a great time before arriving with Maria Huseby in Norway who looked after him until he was able to travel to his next adventure. I am forever grateful to both Jouni & Maria for making this part of his journey possible.

Monarch on his short visit in Finland. Photos by Jouni Heikkinen

Born in Russia in 2014 Monarch had quite the journey on his wait to come to Australia. I fell in love with him at the age of 6 weeks and already you could see his irresistible charm and charisma in his photos his breeders sent. He was certainly a stand out pup from the start and not one you could look past. I am forever grateful to his breeders Svetlana Marchuk and Olga Trubnikova.


Baby Will

Living in Australia so far away, my first meeting with Monarch was at the World Dog Show 2015 in Milan, Italy. Meeting Monarch for the first time was certainly love at first site and we spent a wonderful few days together. One of the highlights was being able to show him in the WDS where was awarded World Hope Winner 2015 and BOS Puppy. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and we parted (with tears) with my return to Australia and Monarch staying behind to meet import conditions to be able to travel to Australia.


Night time snuggles in our motel in Italy

Monarch's first show and my first time m

Monarch & I competing in the 2015 WDS Milan, Italy

Monarchs next adventure took him to another part of the World in South America. Every step of Monarchs journey has an extra adventure attached but to write it all would take forever. This part of the journey all thanks must go to Marcello Mezzadra & Robert Nungnes for organising Monarchs trip to Argentina, it was no easy feat getting veterinary sign off in a foreign country with officials unable to understand my english. With some issues meeting import requirements the next year or so was spent with Mariana Serra Brau where Monarch sired his first puppies and with limited showing gained his Grand Championship of Argentina in the good hands of Marcello Mezzadra.


Monarchs Argentinan adventure


With some great interstate shows coming up and my work commitments not allowing me to travel plus most of the show scottie population being in Sydney Monarch travelled to Sydney into the good hands of Luke Kavanagh where he competed with huge success. Luke and Monarch made a great team and won multiple Best in Shows his stay was extended due to the great times they were having.


Finally the moment i had been waiting all this time for was here Monarch was coming to Australia, all quarantine conditions were finally met and it was really happening. Being such an outgoing, easy going boy it didn't take long for Monarch to start showing in Australia and very quickly became Australian Champion.


He sired his first Australian litter and did not disappoint siring a litter of 8 of both Wheaten and Black puppies. His daughter Upyrkilt Elektra remained in our kennel who herself quickly became an Australian Champion and her brother Upyrkilt Odin travelled to Chile proving to be a great show dog also.



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will ped.jpeg
Upyrkilt Where There Is A Will
Upyrkilt Its Just Money Honey
Marland Imagination
Mariss Sharovaya Molnia
Juscot Cold Hard Cash
Upyrkilt Shes Got Style
Tamzin Mr Prospector
Quaint O’My Jacqout
Marland Desiree
Mariss Udar Groma
Mariss Roksolana
Mariss Entice
Upyrkilt Magic Of Mary Poppins
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